Partner commitment is an important part of how Bayn approaches its business. Bayn has committed partnerships with a number of key stakeholders that create value for both parties. Stakeholders that Bayn collaborates with include governments, food producers, research institutes, universities for food and biotechnology and distributors.

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    Navia® is a line of ingredients, derived from natural sources, designed to address the key issues encountered when reducing sugar in food and beverage products. It includes additives that play the important functional roles of sweetening, colouring, flavouring and preventing oxidation. NAVIA® is a cost effective product line designed for bulk deliveries.

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    EUREBA® is a taste solution of natural HIS or bulk sweetener blends designed for sugar replacement. They are based on carefully selected ingredients such as polyols (sugar alcohols), dietary fibres and natural sweeteners to provide an end-product that has a superior taste, sufficient sweetness and the desired mouth feel and structure.

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